Facing Tough Times: Supporting your family through life's tough times

This booklet discusses the impact of family adversities on children, what helps children to get through adversities and how important it is for families to seek help and support when it is needed. 

Released by the Australian Child & Adolescent trauma, Loss & Grief network.

Parenting in a new culture: A parenting guide for families from culturally diverse communities in Australia. 

Developed by Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre (Victoria) the guide provides culturally sensitive parenting education through facilitated workshops and downloadable family resources, supported by professional instruction materials. 

New resources have been developed to build the capacity of the community services sector in response to increasing demand for specialist family intervention and parenting support in refugee and migrant communities.

Your child's support network: A downloadable guide

This resource has been developed by Children of Parents with Mental Illness (COPMI) in partnership with parents who live with a mental illness, their children and supporters, plus professionals. 

It is designed to help parents to think about the relationships in their child's life and how they can help to support both their child and family.

My Blue Sky: Resources and information

A website dedicated to forced marriage prevention, information, referrals and legal advice.


Catch-up immunisations for refugees and asylum seekers: Multilingual brochure for clients

Refugees and asylum seekers need catch-up vaccinations when they arrive in Australia. This happens because there are different vaccines in their home countries, or people may not have had healthcare or vaccines when living outside Australia. ‘Catch-up’ vaccinations means giving people vaccinations so they have received all the vaccines recommended in Australia. The information is also relevant to people living in Tasmania.

Languages are in Amharic, Arabic, Burmese, Chin, Dari, Farsi (Persian), Karen and Tamil. 

Be Free From Hep C: Multilingual brochure

Hepatitis Victoria have produced brochures explaining treatments that are available. 

Languages are in English, Arabic, Vietnamese and Chinese.

You Tube videos: You Tube videos regarding health and family

South Eastern Melbourne Medicare Local have videos on You Tube regarding health matters. 

Videos include: Getting ready for school, A healthy start to life, When you are feeling sad or worried, When you need to see a doctor, Getting medical help when the doctor's clinic is closed, and Talking about health.

Languages are in English, Dari, Pashtu, and Hazaragi.

MedlinePlus: Health information in multiple languages

Use the links for over 40 languages, to find fact sheets and information related to many health conditions. 

Developed in the U.S.A. but also useful for use by Tasmanian service providers.

Mind Health Connect

mindhealthconnect is the easy way to find mental health and wellbeing information, support and services from Australia’s leading health providers, together in one place. Supported by the Australian Government, mindhealthconnect helps you to find information you can trust. 

Are you on a treatment order?

Victoria Legal Aid have produced guides information about what a compulsory treatment order is, how orders are made and getting free legal help. Even though the services and legal system are different between states, it is still a good resource for people living in Tasmania. The resource is available in several languages including Persian, Dari and Arabic.

Mental Health in Multicultural Australia (MHiMA)

Finding our way is a collection of inspiring personal stories of people living with emotional and mental health issues. Each person wrote, voiced, created and edited their film. The storytellers are from culturally diverse backgrounds, and some of the stories are in their original language.

Translated mental health resources are available in many languages. These resources were developed for use by health practitioners working with individuals and families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Listen to information about seeking help. Recorded in many languages, there is information on: dealing with difficult times in your life, helping those around you, starting a conversation with someone you know, getting some help if you have a problem or if you're feeling sad, seeking help if you experience depression, and seeking help if you experience anxiety. 

Our Voices

Our Voices, Stories of carers from migrant and refugee backgrounds, is a beautifully crafted series of five short films offering rare and profound insight into the lives of carers from migrant and refugee backgrounds, caring for family with mental illness. 

Raise awareness - sexual diversity within multicultural communities

Cultural values and religious beliefs are major factors that confront culturally diverse LGBTI people. In addition racism within LGBTI communities, can make it harder for culturally diverse LGBTI people to feel accepted and access the support and services they need.

Watch the Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) short animation conceived by LGBTI young people from multicultural backgrounds, to raise awareness of sexual diversity within multicultural communities.

Women and Girls in Tasmania 2016 - Fact Sheets

The Department of Premier and Cabinet has been working with the University of Tasmania’s Gender and Policy Strategy Group led by Dr Megan Alessandrini to provide an up-to-date statistical snapshot of women and girls in Tasmania. 

A key action under the Tasmanian Women’s Plan 2013-18 is improving the evidence-base we use for policy and service development.  To this end, a series of women’s Fact Sheets have been developed and follow on from the Women and Girls in Tasmania statistical report the Government published two years ago.

The data comes from a wide range of most recently available published and unpublished sources and can be used by government, non-government and private sectors to inform policy development and service delivery.

The Phoenix Centre, a program of the Migrant Resource Centre (Southern Tasmania), receives funding from the Crown, through the Department of Health and Human Services, to provide the Tasmanian Transcultural Mental Health Network


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