Webinar: Working with gender diverse young people and their families


Wednesday 26 April, 1.30pm to 2.30pm AEST

Online webinar

This webinar will explore the information and skills needed for practitioners to work effectively with gender diverse young people and their families.

Increasing numbers of children and young people are identifying as gender questioning, gender diverse or transgender, and presenting for support from professionals in mental health, family services, and child and youth services. Queerspace at Drummond Street Services (Melbourne) has responded to many families presenting for assistance for themselves, their child, siblings and other family members or caregivers in dealing with the questions and challenges that arise from the experience of being gender diverse.

This webinar will introduce ideas of gender and identity formation and discuss the struggles that individuals, families and services face in responding to the changing landscape in this area. Adapted case studies from Queerspace’s own work will be used to discuss ways of working with and supporting these young people and their family members. This webinar will provide an opportunity to explore some of the essential information and skills needed for practitioners to deepen their understanding of gender, and work in an inclusive and affirmative manner.

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The Phoenix Centre, a program of the Migrant Resource Centre (Southern Tasmania), receives funding from the Crown, through the Department of Health and Human Services, to provide the Tasmanian Transcultural Mental Health Network


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